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Why desire to kiss is a miracle according to science and psychology! And I did not know I was a miracle worker all my life or at least more than 75 different times. Go Figure!

by Corey Kamyar Kartir, Corey Katir

Imagine there is a very little cup of human saliva on a table & someone is offering you $1000 to taste the saliva. Will you taste it? Even if they offer me, Corey Kamyar Katir, 10 million, I will not. But, will you for 1000?

So why men and women and even me, Corey Kamyar Katir, are willing to kiss each other perhaps even on the very first date (with her permission of course)? Think about it. Isn't the innocent desire to kiss a miracle while we are exchanging saliva?

Now imagine that the previously mentioned little cup of someone's saliva belongs to a known person that you admire and have known very well for many, many years (say 10 years) and you also respect this person a lot.  However, there is no love or physical attraction between you. Are you willing to taste the saliva now? This time you know the person or you know whose saliva it is. If the answer is no, this means knowing a person is also irrelevant.   Come to think of it, kissing is truly a miracle. So why God wants us to kiss. Science say that this might be a test to see if we are chemically compatible to have children.

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Swapping spit and testing chemistry: How kissing, germs help you pick your partner

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A protease inhibitor, secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor, is present in human saliva and is both antibacterial and antiviral, and a promoter of wound healing. Nitrates that are naturally found in saliva break down into nitric oxide on contact with skin, which will inhibit bacterial growth.

Science: The dopamine released during a kiss can stimulate the same area of the brain activated by heroin and cocaine. As a result, we experience feelings of euphoria and addictive behavior. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'love hormone', fosters feelings of affection and attachment.

It can boost your immune system
Swapping spit can boost your immunity by exposing you to new germs that strengthen your immune system. One 2014 study found that couples that kiss frequently share the same microbiota in their saliva and on their tongues.
And reduce allergic response

Kissing has been shown to provide significant relief from hives and other signs of allergic reaction associated with pollen and household dust mites. Stress also worsens allergic reactions, so kissing’s effect on stress may also reduce allergic response that way.

It’s tied to improvements in total cholesterol
One 2009 study found that couples who increased the frequency of romantic kissing experienced improvement in their total serum cholesterol. Keeping your cholesterol in check lowers your risk of several diseases, including heart disease and stroke.

It even helps prevent cavities by increasing saliva production
Kissing stimulates your salivary glands, which increases saliva production. Saliva lubricates your mouth, aids in swallowing, and helps keep food debris from sticking to your teeth, which can help prevent tooth decay and cavities.
It’s a solid barometer for physical compatibility with a romantic partner

Turns out the 1964 classic “The Shoop Shoop Song” was right — it’s in his kiss! One 2013 study found that kissing may help you assess the suitability of a potential partner. According to women surveyed, a first kiss can basically make it or break it when it comes to her attraction.

Opinion by Corey Kamyar Katir or Corey Katir